The House of Hope and Healing originated with Rita Hughes’ wish to provide her expertise in a non-institutional setting to those seeking help. She wanted to provide a more spiritual and emotional approach to therapy to support the educational and clinical approach of a public institution. Also, she wished to be able to help not just the individual seeking help but also affected family members. Rita Hughes adopted the name ‘The House of Hope and Healing’, which was registered in 1990, and she obtained the phone number 613-722-hugs (4847). In 1996 The House of Hope and Healing moved to its present location at 14 Bayswater Avenue, Ottawa.


Rita Marie Hughes, RP

  • Registered Psychotherapist, CRPO-004198
  • International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor, ICADC
  • ACTheals (formerly Association of Christian Therapists)

Rita Hughes, as Executive Director, has become well known and respected in the mental health and addiction community and her counselling has been expanded to many disorders and personal/interpersonal needs. Her broad expertise helps those receiving treatment for a particular disorder to reveal and receive treatment for other related or underlying disorders such as childhood abuse or eating disorders.



Operation of The House of Hope and Healing is guided by a Board of Directors.

Board of Directors 2022

Gerald Larkin

Kim Jennings

Sandy Kingston

Fr. Daryold Winkler

Luis Finol

Elizabeth Marshall

Lynellen Maguire

Cathy Flynn

Our Mission Statement

The House of Hope and Healing provides counselling to families, individuals and couples seeking change or who are in a crisis situation. Trusting in God and in a spirit of teamwork, all are given tools to experience serenity with God, self and others.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We are a Faith-based service
  • Our ministry gives Hope
  • We seek Courage to take action
  • We live by Divine Providence

The House of Hope and Healing offers help to persons of all faiths and welcomes those who do not believe in God.